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Enterprise Video Platform
Video communication solutions for your organization.

Video on Demand. Delivered.

Elevate your corporate communications with a scalable video delivery platform designed to meet your business needs.

Welcome to Cruizemedia, the enterprise video platform. Now you can find it, store it, watch it, listen to it and share it. It’s all your organization’s audio, video and images available in an easy to use video streaming solution. It’s as simple as surf, click, play.


Corporate. Enterprise. Education.

Business, education, government, health care, technology and more — whoever you are, and whatever you do, the Cruizemedia Platform streamlines all your multimedia assets into a centralized, scalable and accessible platform that’s easy to navigate.


Secure. Streaming.

Our software is engineered with security best-practices that are at the forefront of every product release. From access control, enterprise integration to secure coding practices, you can be rest assured Cruizemedia streaming solutions have the security of your enterprise top of mind.

Ready. Set. Stream.

Install Content Server yourself, quickly and effortlessly. Now get ready to take the controls into your own hands.

Manage your organization’s content, and control and distribute media to anyone from your employees and clients to your students, faculty and more.


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We invite you to request a trial license and download Content Server. Then experience what Cruizemedia is all about: elegance, simplicity and a fully working enterprise video platform that simply works.