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Cruizemedia updates video platform. Targets educational use.

Scottsdale, AZ - February 13, 2013
Cruizemedia announces today, the release of Content Server version 1.2, a major update to their enterprise video content management system for corporate and educational institutions.

Cruizemedia has taken on the challenge of greatly reducing the complexity of deploying an enterprise video platform, by focusing on user experience, simplicity, and developing cost-effective solutions that provide real value.

Content Server v1.2 offers new features ideally suited for educational applications with support for learning standards and correlations. With these features, organizations will be able to prescribe media which targets specific goals.

According to Cruizemedia Founder and President, Steve Springett, standards-based search in addition to traditional keyword search provides tremendous value in the enterprise. It keeps employees on-task by finding media which addresses specific learning requirements.

“Whether you’re an employee, teacher or student, having a video platform that’s capable of finding media in a learning-context, is of great value,” said Springett.

In addition to searching for and displaying content that directly correlates to specific objectives, content publishers are now able to add and import existing standards and correlate their media.

“The flexibility of these features makes Cruizemedia Content Server unique in the video platform space. It’s equally capable in the classroom as it is in corporate learning environments,” he said.

The learning features of Content Server v1.2 were developed with state curriculum standards in mind using the Common Core State Standards which are used in primary and secondary education in the United States.

Springett added, “Our software development kit has been updated as well, so customers have the power to integrate these features in completely unique ways”.

More information on Content Server, including evaluation versions available for download, can be found at

About Cruizemedia

Cruizemedia provides enterprise-class streaming media products and solutions which help transform an organization’s use of digital media. Cruizemedia focuses on creating easy to use, scalable and secure, server software dedicated to the categorization, searching, processing and delivery of video. With a focus on extensible architectures and user experience, Cruizemedia products are engineered to meet the unique demands of enterprise and educational institutions. Founded in 2010 as a Delaware corporation, Cruizemedia is privately held with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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