Cruizemedia Platform Overview

The Cruizemedia Platform

Overview The Cruizemedia Platform is a small, but expanding, series of complimentary software products dedicated to the categorization, searching, processing and delivery of digital media.

With a focus on enterprise and educational applications, the platforms’ capabilities are driven purely by the success, achievement and feedback of our customers and their users.


Content Server (CS)

The heart and soul of the Cruizemedia Platform, CS is the server that centrally manages, stores and indexes all your media. Audio, video, images, resource material and other assets are instantly accessible. Learn more…


Encoding Server (ES)

ES extends the publishing functionality of CS. Now you can upload your content to CS and ES will inspect it and automatically convert it into a supported format (transcode), if necessary. When complete, ES automatically publishes the transcoded content back to CS. Coming soon…