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Content Server. Defined.

The heart and soul of the Cruizemedia Platform, Content Server (CS) centrally manages, stores and indexes all your media. Audio, video, images, resource material and other assets are instantly accessible. It’s a video content management and delivery platform for the enterprise.

CS provides support for standards-based audio, video and image formats. Content is streamed on-demand and supports Flash Media Server and Wowza Media Server.


Media Management

Content Publishing. Simplified.

Adding content couldn’t be easier. Extensive support for metadata brings search optimization within reach. And built-in roles for publishers and editors simplifies the management process.

Multiple formats and files per asset, chapters, resource material, it’s all possible. It’s content publishing. Simplified.

Hierarchical Library

Content Management

As an organization, you may have collected or wish to have multiple image, video and audio libraries that can be easily dispersed to employees, students, faculty, staff and more. Now you can organize all your content, your way.

Simply create multiple libraries based on any criteria you determine:

  • Customize video libraries so users can access separate videos by business unit, subject, by grade level, genre, character, region and so much more.
  • Add multiple media files per title including standard and high definition formats.
  • Every audio or video title can have chapters that allow a user to instantly advance to that point in time.
  • Resource materials like word processing documents and spreadsheets can be added on a per-title basis to provide additional information and to enhance the learning experience.
LDAP Configuration

Enterprise Authentication

Your users need to be able to login to CS using their existing network credentials. That’s why we support common Directory Services (LDAP) including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP. And configuring LDAP for authentication and authorization couldn’t be easier.

API Console

Enterprise Integration

Content Server includes a feature-rich application programming interface (API) allowing your organization to integrate CS with third-party tools and applications, greatly increasing the value and reach of your content. If XML, XSD, RESTful and RSS are in your vocabulary, you already know virtually everything necessary to make interfacing with the CruizeML API a success.

Enterprise Edition additionally includes a powerful Java SDK for the ultimate (and easiest) integration option.

LDAP Configuration

Access Control

Role-based access control allows the assignment of publishers, editors and administrator to users and groups. Grant access to each library via its own access control list so only the users you allow can view content in a given library.

Database Configurator

Relational Database Support

CS supports multiple database servers including MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL. Or you can use the embedded database server for a super easy and fast install that’s ideal for smaller libraries or demo use.